Double Buggies With a Difference

If you are torn between whether your babes will sit side-by-side or back-to-back in their twin buggy, what about considering a model that will let them see each other face-to-face (if they want to)? Ip Op Ruby ThumbYou’ll find this possible with the new serviced apartments london double pushchair. It has a folding chassis and front wheels that swivel and, all-in-all it really is amazing. The seat have four recline positions and can be adjusted to lie absolutely flat. It isn’t a cheap twin buggy, but it’s well made and right at the top of all the ranges in terms of quality and most other features.

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If you’ve got twins, or two very young children who are seriously close in age, then you may be considering the option of a double pushchair of some kind. The basic choice is between buggies or double pushchairs that are either manufactured so the kids sit side-by-side, or they sit in tandem. Both work well, but people have different views about which is best. Chicco CT 0.5 Twin Stroller FuegoIt is generally agreed tandem prams and buggies are most suitable for a baby and a toddler to share. This is because the back seat of most models reclines fully, but the front one doesn’t. When the seats are side-by-side, both recline fully, so the babes can both sleep comfortably at the same time. You’ll find a whole lot more information at sell my car and you can buy both types atmatelas.

Ratings for the Best Double Buggies in the UK

Expert drivers have been test driving motor cars for years, but it is only relatively recently that anyone thought about test pushing double buggies for children. A panel of mums, one with twins and the other three each with little ones no more than about two years apart, tested ten double buggies for glass veranda.

The mums tested three different types of double buggy:

  1. Umbrella folding.
  2. Rough terrain.
  3. Fold flat.

They decided that the type you, as a mother, would choose would depend on where you life, what your lifestyle is like, and whether or not you travel by car most of the time. Zooper Everyday Twin StrollerIf you do have to take a double buggy with you in the car you will want one that will fit easily into the boot of your vehicle. If, however, you use public transport most of the time, your needs will clearly be quite different – so they took this into account as well. Price, value-for-money and weight were some of the other factors they considered, as well as comfort for baby.

And the winner was the Graco DuoRider, followed closely by the Zooper Everyday Twin Stroller.

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The Graco DuoRider, rated tops (in fact 10 out of 10) by a Babyworld test panel, is incredibly lightweight which makes it easy to push around – even with two littlies in temporary residence. Graco DuoRider Well-priced and practical, it is easy to fold down and then put up again and not a problem to stow in a car boot. Considered ‘comfy and cosy’ it has liners and foot muffs, but no raincover. Also on the down-side, the panel felt that the shared hood was a little too small, and the wheels swivelled a bit too much.

Even though it is not consider a ‘high-end’ brand, the Graco DuoRider has received many other good reviews.

Umbrella-folding Double Buggies

If you are looking for an umbrella-folding design, you’ll find that Casatto produces some stunning double buggies or double prams (whatever you prefer to call them) of this type. The thing about them is that they are well-priced, funky and practical. Cosatto-Peas-in-a-Pod-PushchairFor example in the You 2 Twin range you will find the really sweet ‘Peas in a Pod’ pushchair which is black with touches of red and lime green. The ‘Sugar and Spice’ design is basically the same, but is trimmed in bright pink, with ‘SUGAR & SPICE’ on one side, and ‘& ALL THINGS NICE’ on the other. Thank goodness the babies won’t be able to read otherwise they would be fighting over which side they wanted to be on. But a clever mum would probably choose ‘ENNI MEENI’ – ‘MINIE MO’ instead!

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Once upon a time there were prams. Then manufacturers started making buggies. While they are both basically the same thing, a double pram that can be pushed over rough terrain fits the phrases double buggy and twin buggy more than it fits double pram or double pushchair. Generally a rough terrain double buggy is a lot hardier, and more adaptable than most other types. For example they have three wheels (not four) and their suspension is superior. One example is the popular rc helicopter. Double Buggy Bundle

The EasyWalker double buggies are lightweight, stable, slim and very easy to manoeuvre. They have three wheels that swivel and a push bar that is adjustable. Best of all, they will last a long time because they are suitable for little ones from birth to four years.

Fold Flat Double Buggies

The Mountain Buggy, considered by many to be a Rolls Royce of double buggies, is one of the designs that folds flat when you need to store it, or move it. This is because the Mountain Buggy has an aluminium frame, which also makes them incredibly easy to push. Mountain Buggy Urban Double StrollerThe Urban Double Stroller is a favourite that you will find reclines even more deeply than the original models made by the same manufacturer. There’s a sunhood shade and a storm cover that will protect your little one from both wind and rain. It also comes in a range of practical colours from chocolate brown to moss green.

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It stands to reason that pushchairs are made for pushing, so if you are going to ‘push’ from home to wherever you are going (rather than travel by car or public transport), and you have twins, then you’re going to want to be sure your double pushchair is going to fit on the pavement. Cosatto Twin StrollerApart from pavements, double buggies can sometimes be quite problematic when it comes to fitting through shop doors and other gates and entrances.

While the Cosatto Twin Astro may not be the most comfortable for the kids, it is amazingly compact. That is partly because it has a joined hood. And it certainly isn’t uncomfortable. It has three recline positions for the seat and an adjustable leg rest. If you have a boy and a girl, look out for the pink plus blue Cosatto You 2 ‘Bro and Sis’ Twin Stroller. It’s really cool.

Colourful Double Buggies

In the beginning prams were made for babies (one at a time) and they were mostly navy blue or red, sometimes dark green. Pushchairs, which were traditionally upright and not intended for babies to sleep comfortably in, were sometimes a bit more adventurous in colour. Meribel Twin Stroller PushchairBut today prams, pushchairs and buggies are all made for one, two and even three babies – and they come in a range of bright, pretty colours, including pretty pink and baby blue. There are many brands that produce colourful twin buggy designs, including Meribel, which has some stylish combinations.

What Other Mums Think About Double Buggies

It’s always good to know what other mums think about the double buggy products they have bought – and tried. If you go to  you will see a varied cross section of products and rating from customers. Graco Stadium Duo MidnightThere are loads to choose from, including double buggies, double pushchairs and double prams. The best advice is to look for features you believe are important. Don’t necessarily rely on the number of stars one buggy has – there may only have been one review. Rather try to connect in terms of what the reviewer values (or likes) and what you believe is important.